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We manage your Phishing & Training service for you.

When resources are stretched and there is never enough time in the day, Security Awareness Training for your end-users becomes a checkbox on the to-do list that never gets ticked. 

The risks associated with never getting around to completing this task are simply too great. 90% of all data breaches across the world are instigated by an end user clicking on a phishing email.

Join many of our customers and let Phishing Tackle manage this for you.  

Fully managed service

We take care of the entire process for you
£ 0.50* per recipient / per month

Multi year, enterprise and payment term discounts available
  • Personal account manager handles every element of your service
  • Min 4 bespoke simulated phishing campaigns per month (size dependant)
  • Min 2 bespoke email templates created each month (size dependant)
  • Full access to our ever-growing email template library
  • Campaigns staggered to any user, group or region
  • User behaviour analysis and pattern observation
  • Instant training for recipients who fail phishing tests
  • Min 1 standalone training course per month (size dependant)
  • 1 customised quiz or survey per month (max 10 questions)
  • Live breach data reports, revealing any affected recipients
  • 30 minute monthly phone call to discuss progress (optional)
  • Click-Prone® report revealing recipient’s phishing susceptibility
  • Overview report with detailed campaign progress of all recipients
  • Campaign statistics management report for each active campaign


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