Find out what percentage of your employees are click-prone with our free test.

Did you know over 90% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack?

Many organisations know that simulated phishing tests are urgently needed as an additional security layer. 

Today, phishing your own users is just as important as having anti-malware and a firewall. It’s a fun and an effective cyber-security best practice to patch your last line of defence, your users!

Why?  If you don’t do this now, the bad guys will!

Monitor showing results of Phishing Click-Prone® Test

So, how does the test work?

Immediate Start​

Immediately start your free test for up to 100 users (no need to talk to anyone). Just complete the sign-up form and follow the link in the email you will receive.

Select your Email Template ​

Customise the phishing test template based on your email environment to make the test feel as realistic as possible.

Choose your Landing Page

Choose the landing page your users see after they click. Select between showing your users which alarm bells they missed, or a standard 404 page not found.

Compare with your Industry Peers

See how your click-prone test results compare with your industry peers after one year of security awareness training.

Easy to Understand Results

Clearly see the results in an easy to understand format, and download a PDF with your Click-prone % and charts to share with management.

The Click-prone percentage is very often higher than you expected and is a useful tool to obtain management buy-in and budget approval.

Start phishing your users now. complete the sign-up form and get started immediately!

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