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Free Phishing Awareness & Training is available to not-for-profits for the first 100 users*

Allow us to help reduce your organisations risk at a reduced expense to yourselves using our easy-to-use platform.

We recognise the resource constraints not-for-profit organisations face on a daily basis which, sadly, leave them wide open to an increasing number of heartless cyber security attacks.

Very often these very organisations established to do good are the targets of hackers who also know about the scarcity of funds which, often, limits the technology and training possibilities. There is a very real need in this sector for cyber-security training and awareness.

As a charity, you are especially vulnerable because of the nature of your supporters, many of whom can be volunteers. This leaves you uniquely exposed to cyber security threats.

Considering the fact these very individuals are, both, your first and last lines of defence, it is even more critical they are given quickeasy and regular training to the risks associated with email born threats.

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*Must be registered with a recognised regulator (T&Cs / minimum fee applies)
*Free Phishing Awareness & Training is available to not-for-profits for the first 100 recipients.
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